The effects of covid19 on this humble blogger

Back in January, despite seeing the state of Chinese streets turned into desolate wastelands, I had no idea a pandemic was looming. As quarantine crept up on me with a prowl, I laughed that my life would remain a constant. Why, ‘social distancing’ as my country has elegantly termed it, is something I’ve practiced all my life, and there are few services I particularly rely upon. And yet, here I am, stunted.

That is, partially, a medical reason. I’m a dopey sod, and I didn’t realise that my Sertraline packet didn’t have another strip – and thus, with no antidepressants to fall back on, I relapsed into that heavy, crushing feeling, and found myself working, staring into the distance for what felt like hours, sleeping, and repeating, and it took me a week to get my repeat prescription. Now back on tablets, I am re-experiencing the initial symptoms these drugs first gave me, such as a constant sense of nausea.

But, and this is really amusing, I’m incredibly impulsive. If I see something I want, I get it. My inbox is currently full of cancelled orders because most outlets are closed for the foreseeable future due to a mixture of factors related to Corona. That said, I’ve got a new phone coming: the Galaxy S20+ is one thing that covid19 couldn’t stop, but did I need it? My previous phone is a Galaxy Note 8, which is, after three years, still a beautiful piece of tech only marred by the occasional annoyances the fat on my sausage fingers cause on the edge screen when typing. Here’s to another beautiful piece of tech for the next three years, with hopefully a more reliable finger-print scanner.

All of this comes to, well, my blog, which has been on hold since a day or two after I ran out of tablets (all the days are blurring into one, frankly, though that’s not a new development). One of the key symptoms, which has magnified upon my reintroduction to my medication, is this lack of concentration. I’ve tried several times to watch anime, but I find myself sidetracked each time. I can’t write about anime if I can’t pay attention to it. It’s so damn frustrating, but television is currently not something I can commit to.

And, thus, I suspect I’ll be sitting out the next couple of weeks of the Spring anime season. Keep me updated on anything I miss – I’ll be back with something big, something controversial, I’m sure.


15 thoughts on “The effects of covid19 on this humble blogger

  1. Take care of yourself space!! Yeah cv19 has hit everyone hard. I know I haven’t been around leaving msgs on your blog for a while now. I took an unexpected hiatus from my blog. Looking after a 6mth old cat jumping is no fun. It’s a very nervous cat, any unexpected noise or person and he bolts it

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  2. I know you have moved on from this post, but thank you for sharing this. I don’t know of anyone that has been totally unaffected by this pandemic.

    I am glad that you took a bit of a break though for your health.

    I have the same issue with anime. I want to pay attention to it, so that and the fact that I am limited in my anime viewing options keep me dependent on anime lists and reviews for when I finally do have the time and means of watching anime (har har).

    I work alot, and when I am not working I am studying for classes, and when I am not studying, I am either eating , sleeping or working out (my time alone to myself ❤ ).

    I love listening to music, and I play it constantly,. However, it is too distracting when I do schoolwork. Strangely enough, I work best to films or series. I don't get distracted by singing along to lyrics and looking them up online, and it keeps the time flying. I can't do anime though unless if it one I know by heart, otherwise I have to keep looking up to see what's going on.

    My favourite option is Korean and Japanese dramas. Most of them don't require my full attention, have a great OST, and are pleasing to listen to.
    And, if I find one I love, I can save it for future viewing.

    I hope that all is well with you and that you are doing way better than merely surviving, but thriving during this time.

    I have spent a lot of money lately too… heheh. There is this site called Goldbelly that sends food from restaurants to your house. I just bought cheesecake from New York and blueberries from Maine for my sister's baby shower, peaches from Georgia for my friends, and gelato from San Francisco for myself- ahhh! I can't stop!

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    1. Hey again!

      I love anime, but it’s one of those weird things like… why force it? Might as well just stick to what you can do than force it! Over the past year or so, I found myself putting on more and more ‘garbage watching’, if you will – not things I particularly like, but can get through. I’d occasionally find a 10/10 and that’d be lovely, but I was piling up anime in the 4-7/10 range just because they were easy. I suppose that’s similar to you in the way you watch J/K dramas.

      But at the same time, I sometimes get annoyed at myself for doing that. Especially since I’ve graduated and no longer have things to work towards. Having my free-time fly is nice and a healthy thing to do at times, but it also makes me feel like I’m wasting that time, and that I should instead be doing something productive or important. It’s a real dilemma, and it just makes me feel worse.

      Truth be told, I’m not quite out the other side of the recent depression-hit. I feel like I’ve only JUST beaten the need to sleep all the time (the feeling of ‘I don’t want to be awake for anything’ coupled with insomnia to result in lots and lots of naps!), so now I have more full-days rather than these scant few hours to browse the subreddits and message the regulars and can actually get back to watching more than the essentials. I’m rewatching Evangelion now, of all things, and I find I can actually commit to it! Yay!

      I do have a good goal now. I’ve developed what one of my colleagues call – and I love the term dearly – a ‘Covid belly’. Well, I’ve put on weight, and now I need to work it off, so heave-ho, back to work – or exercise – we go!

      Also my impulses are at least a little more controlled now. I’m spending money to go out and eat food, yes, but that’s much better than all these expensive electronic devices that I barely get the full worth out of! I almost bought a PS4 and a Nintendo Switch, can you believe that? I own an Xbox One because it was cheaper (refurbed) than the top-of-the-line streaming devices (Fire boxes etc), but I don’t own a single game for it. Not one. What use would I get out of other current-gen consoles!? I was going mad. Utterly bonkers. Thankfully I stopped myself there…

      I do hope all your studying is going well!


      1. Hahah! Hey, PS4s are fantastic!
        But that may be due to nostalfia and the fact that we have pretty much always only had a PS2, PS3 and now a PS4.

        I am not much of a gamer myself… I only like playkng 2 player games with the exception of Tomb Raider of all things.
        My favourite game of all time is still Rock Band… even though I haven’t played it in almost a decade. ^_^

        Good for you- you have been through a lot, yet you are open and honest and making the effort to push through.
        As for the COVID gain, there are a lot of virtual races foing right now. Hmm… I never did get into Pokemon Go, but now seems like an ideal time to revisit the phenomena.

        Evangelion- my brother had that whole set. Honestly, I could never get through that one. There are so many die-hard fans, and you are actually rewatching it, so there has to be something I am missing.
        Do you already have a review on that one? I should check it out.

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        1. I used to play a few more games back in the day, which was, yes, a lot of Guitar Hero! Also tried Rock Band too but had more songs I liked on Guitar Hero Metallica and World Tour 😉

          On my breaks at work, I tend to just… walk around the local neighbourhood. Seems like an ideal time to get into Pokemon Go actually!

          Evangelion was my second anime. It’s mostly very good, though towards the end of the series doubles down on avant garde direction and comes across a little pretentious at times. I’ve only a few episodes into my rewatch and appreciating the little things much more – particularly its editing and jokes! It gets a rep as a dark or serious show, but my favourite scenes so far are visual gags. Whoops. Looks ike I missed the memo on this one!


          1. Ah, I never did get into Guitar Hero because I was not great at the guitar. Ok, let’s be honest- I am not good at playing video games in general.
            On the rare occassion I let my brother talk me into playing Portal with him, I was always the butt of that nasty computer’s jokes.
            I prefer playing things like Black Ops Zombies- it is kind of pointless, but it is exhilarating and I don’t have to pick out weapons or attire or listen to ridiculous dialogue.

            I loved Rock Band because I could play with my siblings- and parents too when they got into it! Also, it was great practice for playing the drums. I would tell myself that I was doing something educational, and I got to hit things and call it playing music.

            Honestly, playing drums is one of the best stress relievers ever- you don’t even need a set to practice!
            I brought a pair of drumsticks with me when I studied abroad years back, and just played along to covers on Youtube (Arctic Monkeys- sooo much fun!) using a throw pillow and text books. Talk about instantaneously feeling better.

            A walk break for work sounds like a great habit to have.
            Clearing the mind, rest from the screen, fresh air and a but of exercise- not bad. Pokemon Go could make it bettee. Hahah!

            Alright, I may need to give Evangelion a second try…

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            1. I actually used to play drums. Real drums! Way too loud. Had to sell them to appease the neighbours 😉 Getting the feet synced was really hard though.

              As for other games, well, I’m currently an addict of Fate/Grand Order, but previously I’ve liked other pick-up/put-down games with strategy like Pokemon, a bit of Fire Emblem and I really fell hard for a Yugioh game on the DS haha! Of course, Runescape too, but that was more of a community game.

              Pokemon Go was a mobile game I’d be way more into if the launch was better. I tried getting into it then but couldn’t because of constant server outages!


              1. I haven’t played any of these, but I have friends who loved them all.

                My phone is very lkmited in space, so yeah… I never had Pokemon Go either, bit I would often accompany my brother in his escapades.

                That is so awesome! No wonder I keep coming back to this blog…
                I play drums too! I have a set that is in a back trailer (kind of like a storage shed). Thankfully, we live far away enough from our neighbours that they can’t hear anything.
                What are some of your favourite artists or songs to play along to? Is there any particular kind of genre you like most?

                Rock and punk is easiest and the most fun, I think.
                I am super inspired by listening and trying to play along with Led Zeppelin, Foo Fighters, The Blue Hearts, Arctic Monkeys, Queen and My Chemical Romance.

                The genre that inspires me the most is latin and jazz rhythms… I cannot seem to gewtttt them down!
                I love Led Zeppelin because he is heavy on the cymbals, and I try to use them as little as possible, because it always sounds awful. 😛

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                1. Haha the song I was most confident playing on drums was Motorhead’s Ace of Spades of all things! I’m really into metal music (hence the blog name actually, a reference to Gojria and their love of whales flying through space) and played some Metallica here-and-there back in the day, along with Linkin Park which I was into more at that age. Things got much easier when I got a second bass-pedal, though my hand-me-down hi-hat pedal not working well meant that I never really got a good feel of that cymbal, only able to switch between fully open and fully closed! I only had a ride and a crash/ride and both sounded much cooler than the hi-hat so I’d rely on those a lot more.

                  I’d love to play more jazzy stuff but it ain’t easy, but that’s a given for the genre. John Coltrane’s Alabama, and the drum solo at the end… ah, that’s the stuff I love!

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                  1. I am not well acquainted with metal at all, so I cannot wait to check these out!

                    I am not that skilled- I would love to play like a jazz musician, but I need wayyyy more practice.
                    I agree- a ride and crash ride give more of an oomph.

                    I am not great with cymbals at all though 😛

                    For practics with the hi-hat, Steve Miller Band’s ‘Take the Money and Run” is fun to oractice alongside.

                    Ahhh! Thank you so much for all these song recommendations- I can’t wait to check them out.

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                    1. Take the Money and Run sure has a funky groove. Feeling the hi-hat there!

                      Jazz musicians are always so talented. I play more guitar and bass these days and tried out bass and, even the simpler bass lines are complicated in the way that the chords they’re playing with are all knowledge. I’d need to know what notes make up the chord the rest of the band are playing to improvise my section. It’s kinda nuts, especially when the guitar player can skadoodle around common shapes without knowing too much about individual notes and such.

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                    2. Oh my goodness, you play bass and guitar too? Wow!
                      I can play basic chords and change the rhythm a bit, but that’s it- no crazy picking for me.
                      OK, if you could play similar to any guitarist, who would you choose?
                      Personally, I LOVE Santana and, of course, Brian May.

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