NekoparA – Episode 1 Review

Title: NekoparA
Length: ? x 24 minute episodes
Genre: Cute girls do cute things
Year of release: 2020

It’s hard to talk about NekoparA’s fanservice appeal without first addressing the undeniably uncomfortable aspects. Vanilla and Chocola are far more physically affectionate than any cat I’ve known, but the fact is that they are still pets, and the series treats them like this. The world-building that discusses the social aspects of this is is a wash, but you cannot escape the fact that cafe owner, Minaduki, owns these cats, and they are forced to wear a bell to show this. Yikes.

Unlike the VNs, which are stories from Minaduki’s perspective funnelling towards routes and sex with the underage girls with cat ears, this anime puts Minaduki in the backseat and lets the girls just do their cute thing. So it’s a cute-girls show, where extremely cute girls are imprisoned against their will, work in a cafe against their will, and will eventually fall in love with literally the only male human they are legally allowed to have extended contact with – so you can see the undercurrent can¬†ruin the mood.

But, you might be thinking, that’s only if you think about it too much. Sure. I can appease the view. The show mostly plays out as an above-average cute-girls show with some cute animation and attention to the girl’s cat-head tights, and lets the voice actors strut their stuff with necessary¬†‘nyaa’ based-slurs and even some impressive growling when two get in a fight. But here’s the problem: it’s all a little bit pervy, but in a subterranean way which makes it honestly worse.


What I’m trying to say is that there is an undue focus on odd things, which are really just fetishes but without the acceptance that these are fetishes. We see Cinnamon, another cute cat girl, standing outside the toilet and dancing as she’s about to burst, only getting in on time. I’m not really sure what the purpose of this scene was, other than to show that, hey, girls need to pee. A scene later has Maple called-out for needing to change her panties because she dribbled a bit downstairs. It’s not just pee: one scene tries to use ‘cat behaviour’ to explain why Vanilla decides to grope Chocola to wake her up. Do you see where I’m going? Kind of uncomfortable; excessively unnecessary.

And that’s annoying, because this is a capable show. I sometimes talk about writers writing pen in one hand and dick in the other, but NekoparA comes across more like a writer touching themselves through their clothes and being wholly unable to focus on either masturbating or masturbatory writing. And, because of that, it just comes across without substance or purpose.

Rating: E

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