Tejina-senpai Premiere: Episode 1 Review

Title: Tejina-senpai
Length: ? x 12 minute episodes
Genre: Comedy, ecchi, magic
Year of release: 2019

Tejina-senpai orients itself as short skits featuring the loveably ditzy amateur magician Tejina as she fails to do magic and annoys her Assistant. That’s it – there’s no other rabbit under this show’s hat. But that’s an absolutely fine thing as the episodes are only 12 minutes long.

The jokes are a mixed bag of tricks for sure, but are mostly on the positive side. Yes, this largely comes down to a cracking performance from Kaede Hondo as Tejina, but even the sketch writing – featuring her unable to keep her pigeon in place or cutting up Assistant’s allowance – have a very good understanding of magic’s difficulty. Further, the jokes have a great pacing to them, and are really quite dynamic. 


The only thing that could spoil the magic is the more perverted content, but even that… feels almost in good taste, or at least, not in bad taste. It’s a juggling act with the occasional dropped ball, but gags can use sexuality by embracing enough tomfoolery and snarky monologues to escape that feeling of discomfort and still be funny.

If it were longer, I think Tejina-senpai would struggle to keep my attention. But at this length, the show is really playing its cards just right. For an easy weekly watch, Tejina-senpai is casting just the right spell.

Rating: 4/5

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