Endro~! Review

Title: Endro~!
Length: 12 x 24 minute episodes
Genre: Fantasy, comedy
Year of release: 2019

Endro’s major, single problem is a big one; Endro tries to walk before it can run. Only one character’s development really goes skin-deep beyond their surface traits, and they’re relatively minor for the majority of the series. Endro’s cast have no disconcernable chemistry, and don’t really come across as individuals as even their gimmicky personalities largely overlap.


You’ve got Yuusha – the pink-haired, genki protagonist you’ve seen hundreds of times before. Her development goes no further than affirming her very generic personality. On the other side, you have Sei, who is the most definable of the 4 leads, and not just because she’s an elf – her tsundere-like personality means she is often complaining, which is, well, something, even if that something is usually just her lack of boobs. Mei and Fai, on the other hand, have weird tastes (in magical cards and nature respectively), and are otherwise just excitable. Apparently, Mei’s thing was to make weird puns, and Fai’s was to say unexpectedly smart things, but this didn’t come across often enough to feel solid. That’s… that’s the main cast, and their relationships with one another are no more fleshed-out than “they’re friends” (and even that isn’t particularly well explained). A perfectly serviceable cute-girls cast that just aren’t developed is, sadly, Endro’s shtick.

While the lack of a strong cast is a major blow, Endro manages a decent watch. That’s because, as an amicably produced comedy, it works; it has good jokes, and the characters can fit surprisingly well into the show’s goofy sense of humour. The first episode was quite the knee-slapper, in fact, with great use of misdirection and sharp editing. As the series went on, detailing the daily lives of the Hero Party, it continued to use classic fantasy tropes in ways you just wouldn’t expect, ultimately culminating in a very, very strong finish centred around the Demon Lord.


Endro’s an oddball of an anime. Its comic repertoire ran deep enough to carry it, but as a sitcom it failed the sit part in a way I didn’t expect. A very strong finale and good jokes means I don’t feel I wasted my time with this show, but it’s ultimately not that memorable.


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