Shoumetsu Toshi Premiere: Episode 1 Review

Title: Shoumetsu Toshi
Length: 12 x 24 minute episodes
Genre: Mystery, thriller, action, adventure
Year of release: 2019

Shoumetsu Toshi is bold, I’ll give it that. The show picks high octane adventuring to kick you off into its story, putting you solely in the shoes of Yuki as she’s essentially told to roll with it. And, to probably the most credit I will give Shoumetsu Toshi, it lets the action speak for itself, never cutting it up with exposition or apologies. It’s almost exciting. The inability to explain anything is a double edged sword. There needs to be something to grab the audience to entice them to get to the explanations, but sadly, Shoumetsu Toshi is lacking in a good hook right now. 


The most obvious caveat presents itself quite early. Put simply, studio Madhouse have fallen from grace, and Shoumetsu Toshi may be the final straw. Sure, some of the car-chase sequences are well animated, but it feels like key-cuts were given to talented, experienced animators – while other cuts were given to amateurs. That is of course to say nothing about the irritating CGI and constant off-model faces (even in stills!). Shoumetsu Toshi is an ugly watch, even if it occasionally brings its head above water for some key moments.

Beyond that though, the frantic pace of this premiere doesn’t give any breathing room to build-up the characters going into this conspiracy, or why this mystery is even pertinent. There’s something too vague to call exposition that suggests at Takuya’s coldness, but it isn’t until about halfway through that a character (hilariously) called Nerd breaks the show’s dead-seriousness in a clumsy manner. It’s the first time that we get a conversation that spills the beans on the people, but it doesn’t last long, and only really serves to remind us that idols are probably going to be a lategame theme. Probably.


The only thing to pull me in is how little I know, which can be relatively effective as a hook… but in this instance just makes me feel apathetic. Shoumetsi Toshi’s got a few ideas that could become something interesting, sure. There’s potential that it could become a dark horse later down the line… but I’m struggling to put too much money on it right now. 


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